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Welcome to kika clinic

kika is a Croydon based acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic located in Addiscombe; convenient for Croydon, Shirley, Norwood, Beckenham, Bromley and West Wickham. It is situated on Bywood avenue, Addiscombe and is walking distance from the tram [nearest stop Arena]. There is plenty of parking.

 The clinic has been set up by Tony Todd who has been practising in the Croydon and Purley area since 2000. We offer a range of treatments specialising in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and bodywork such as shiatsu and massage. Please see relevant pages for more details on treatments and costs. We also have small classes for therapeutic exercises such as yoga, chigong and taichi.

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Why call it “kika”?  – kika is formed from two Chinese characters, or Kanji as they are known in Japanese. The ‘ki’  [ 喜 ] character means joy or happiness, the ‘ka’ [ 花 ] character means flower. Besides being taken from each of our daughters names the combination reflects our approach to treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine is based on a “root and branch” approach. In order to get happy healthy flowers on your branches you need strong and balanced roots. The treatments on offer are to help strengthen your “roots” in order to maintain blossom on your branches!