Treatment Costs

The cost of treatment will vary depending on what you have, how much you have and how often.

Basic costs for acupuncture, herbs and body work:

One to one sessions Tony Todd [senior acupuncturist]:

First session : £60

Follow ups:  £55 [60mins]. Block booking of 6 sessions £270 [saves £60], 6 sessions blocks are for regular [weekly] treatments and are to be paid for at the beginning of each block.

Short sessions are sometimes possible £30 [30mins]

Herb only consultations are £45 initially then £30 plus cost of herbs

One to one sessions with Patricia Harris

First session £50, follow ups £45 [see Tricia’s page for more details on offers]

Community acupuncture clinics:

First session: £20, follow ups £15

The treatments take place with other people simultaneously, there are screen dividers to afford some degree of privacy. The acupuncturist will be treating several people simultaneously. Treatment times can vary from 20-30mins.

Massage clinic:

Tuina [Chinese massage]  is now available at 60 mins at £45

Nutritional Therapy

Initial consultation £75, follow ups £45