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We are a local business committed to improving the health and well being of people in the locality of Croydon. Initiated by my self [Tony Todd,] and now co managed by my wife [Sachiko Hatakeyama], it was initially set up as an acupuncture practice, but we have expanded to include herbal medicine, massage, chi kung, yoga and meditation classes.

We have been joined by Ben Prentice who practices massage and nutrition as  well as being an acupuncturist, and also by Hiroe Hamilton who practises Shiatsu [Japanese acupressure massage]

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    1. Hi Sharon, sorry for the slow response, the message got lost with the spam I was receiving at the time. Qi gong is now on a Tuesday at 10.30. Cost is £45 for 6 sessions which you can take in your own time over a 2 month period. I also teach on Thursday in central Croydon at 9.30 am.
      Best regards

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