We offer a range of treatments specialising in acupuncture, herbs, therapeutic massage,  and other forms of body work that can be used for a wide range of conditions, and for the improvement of health and well being. We also offer nutritional advice and classes in traditional asian exercise such as chi kung, taichi and yoga.

The basic principle that underlies these treatments is to help strengthen one’s core physiological processes, what is known in traditional East Asian  thought as the Zheng Qi [Chinese] or Seiki [Japanese]正氣, we could think of it as vital energy perhaps, really its just the correct functioning of your body and mind. When this is strong and balanced  then any number of physical complaints can be more effectively dealt with [bit like coping with life’s stresses after a good night’s sleep!].

Costs of treatments vary depending on what treatment you have and how often you have them. We have some low cost option such as the community acupuncture sessions. For details on specifics click on the treatment you are interested in or the costs page.

Traditional East Asian therapies are mostly person rather than illness focussed so different individuals can respond differently and may require different combinations of treatment. The list below will give some idea of the kind of conditions that in our opinion could be helped using traditional Chinese medicine. Most commonly treated problems include the following:

Muscular skeletal issues – typically back pain, sciatic pain, joint pain [including tennis or golfers elbow, knee problems], neck and shoulder pain and tension etc.

This can include acute sports injuries or more chronic pain presentations due to age, fatigue, or complex immunity related issues [such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis].

Digestive issues – IBS, constipation, reflux, chronic loose stools etc. Also food intolerances, bloating etc.

Headaches – migraines, headaches related to hormones, weather, fatigue etc.

Menstrual and fertility related issues – painful periods, PMT, infertility [we also offer treatment to support IVF as well as long term fertility support packages]. Also menopausal symptoms such hot flushes, stiff shoulders etc generally respond well to treatment.

Emotional issues – depression and anxiety related problems, including palpitations, panic etc

Fatigue – whether as part of a wider range of symptoms such as with ME or while undergoing cancer care, or simply physical and/or emotional exhaustion

Insomnia – problems getting off to sleep or sleep that is too shallow and not restorative

Skin problems – eczema, allergic reactions etc, acne due to diet or hormones

Immunity – poor immunity, catching colds easily which quickly become chest infections, or autoimmune related issues.

Either a combination of treatments or just one of the therapies [such as acupuncture, herbs, massage etc] will be suggested according to what seems to be most appropriate for an individual.

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    1. Hi Sorry for the late reply, I missed your enquiry I’m afraid, emails and phone are more regularly dealt with.
      In short yes vertigo and dizziness usually respond quite well.

  1. Hello, can you treat deviated sceptum or inflamed sinuses? I have narrowing of nasal passages but it is not conclusive (from GP) what is causing it.

    1. Hi , apologies for the huge delay, we normally respond quickly to emails and texts/calls but I’m afraid comments via the website sometimes get left behind.
      In short yes, sinus inflammation is something I treat, more to calm down the inflammation and symptoms then trying to realign the septum
      If you are still looking get in touch

  2. I have suffered from severe sciatica for over 2 years, I spent £3,000 on a Chiopractor which did not help at all. I have had injections in my lower spine at the hospital which again did not work, I am in agony all the time and at night I am urinating 5 times a night which makes it impossible to sleep. How much do you charge for acupuncture sessions.

    1. Hi Pauline, apologies for such a late response. Emails or calls are best, I rarely remember to check messages. Prices are all on the website but basically its £60 then follow ups are £55 or £45 if you come within 2 weeks or take herbs. Hopefully you have found someone by now but get back in touch if not. Regards

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