L0038879 Qigong exercise to treat involuntary seminal emission Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images Xiuzhen miyao, a gymnastic (daoyin/qigong) text of unknown origin, was rediscovered and published with a preface by Wang Zai in 1513 (8th year of the Zhengde reign period of the Ming dynasty). It records 49 exercises. This illustration depicts Lü zu san yun xi qi (Ancestor Lü's technique for dispersing and moving Qi/the breath), a technique used to treat nocturnal emission. It is practised as follows: One sits with both legs outstretched, pulling with both hands on the insteps. Using one's gong power, one circulates Qi for nine breaths. Woodcut Library of Zhongguo zhongyi yanjiu yuan (China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine) Shouyang congshu: Xiuzhen miyao (Longevity and Cultivation Series: Arcane Essentials of Cultivating Perfection) UnknownTransmitted by Wang Zai (Ming period, 1368-1644) Published: 1593 Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Traditional East Asian healthcare has always included an emphasis on self treatment as well as interventions such as herbs or acupuncture or massage. Specific exercises could be prescribed therapeutically for specific conditions, but there was also a culture of self cultivation that stressed the use of  exercises to strengthen the body and mind. In keeping with this tradition we wanted to offer classes in systems that promoted health and vitality such as taichi, chi gong, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation etc. Regular practice of any of these can substantially improve one’s well being and complement any of the treatments described on this site.

We offer a range of therapeutic exercises such as:


Chi Kung



Combinations of static and moving postures for body alignment and circulation of blood and breath.





Simple slow and coordinated movements for posture and relaxation.



Hatha Yoga is taught with an emphasis on back care and for the calming of the nervous system to help conditions related to anxiety.

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