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One for the acupuncturists. This is an exploration of key themes that form the basis of most acupuncture practice. The article looks at the relationship of treatments based on the function of points and treatments based on the balancing of channels. Other topics touched on include   and the relationship of herbs to acupuncture and the importing of herbal mechanisms into acupuncture thinking

Treatment of Covid 19 in China

This is a translated blog from China. One for the herbalists.

Some reflections on studying Kanpo

A short article written for the Register of Chinese Herbal medicine journal published in 2009. It outlines some key themes in Kanpo (japanese herbal medicine) and its relationship to modern TCM (traditional chinese medicine) as taught in the UK today. The article is written with practitioners in mind.

Acupuncture treatment of back pain

What to expect if you came for treatment for back pain.

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  1. I am interested in joining one of classes of yoga, chigong and taichi at your Bywood Avenue location. Please could you send my the timetable for your classes?

    1. Hi Amelia
      Currently its chigong on Tuesdays from 1-2. No Yoga at present or Pilates.
      The chigong is on most weeks, text 07815831476 to confirm if you are coming [or just turn up though occasionally class is not on if I am working away]. Perfectly fine for beginners.

  2. Currently suffering from mainly upper back pain and am interested in exercise and massage to ease it but what with working full time, wondered if you have anything after 5 pm or weekends

    1. Hi Tracy I could see you after 5 on most Tuesdays or Thursdays, and my colleague Tricia works late on Wednesdays. Saturday morning is also an option. Let me know which works best for you.

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