Bodywork – shiatsu – massage

Bodywork of one kind or another is probably the oldest kind of medical intervention. East Asian systems have evolved a variety of approaches that combine direct muscular techniques with approaches to regulating channels similar to acupuncture.  My training in bodywork began with shiatsu, then went on to include some western massage and more recently bodywork techniques from the Yin style bagua system as taught be Andrew Nugent-Head. These involve a range of techniques such as rocking and stretching, pushing, rubbing etc in order to relax stiff muscles and move blood.


Litterally ‘finger pressure’, shiatsu has been used throughout Japan as means of releasing tension and restoring vitality.

It is a system of ‘massage’ performed through clothing where simple pressure is exerted with thumbs and palms along muscles groups and the channel system of Traditional East Asian Medicine.


Shiatsu treatment it self can take place on a mat or a couch, and last around 30-45 minutes. It will often be combined with acupuncture and / or herbs depending on what seems most appropriate at the time of treatment.

Deep tissue massage

This is an oil based massage and is particularly suited to sports injuries and relieving muscle stiffness.

cost is £55 [60mins], £48 [45 mins], £40 [30mins]