Acupuncture treatment

old acu imageAcupuncture involves the use of fine needles either shallowly inserted or simply held at specific acupuncture points around the body to harmonise the circulation of ‘Qi’ and blood, this in turn leads to improved vitality and better health. Treatment is often combined with moxibustion [application of heat] or other adjunct treatments such as bodywork or cupping.

Treatment time is generally around 30-45 minutes (please allow up to an hour for the initial consultation), after which if possible you should try to refrain from anything too strenuous and let the effects of the treatment sink in.

In some cases problems can be resolved in one or two sessions though for more chronic problems a course of treatments is advisable to allow the effects build up with increasing sessions.  Please wear loose clothing that can easily expose the back, abdomen and limbs up to the elbow and knee.

Treatment always begins with review of any outstanding symptoms then touch diagnosis of the abdomen, radial pulse and the limbs. Then treatment is carried out, usually this is involves some of the time face up and ending with treatment to the back while the patient is face down.



For one to one treatments:

Initial consultation and treatment £50-60 [1 hour]

Follow up: single treatments £45-£55, Short treatments £30 [30mins]

Please see the costs page for details, or speak to individual practitioners.