Tui Na [Chinese Massage]

Tui Na applies a range of massage techniques via the hands, towels and silks in order to relieve the symptoms presented. The actions used may involve the pulling, pushing, shaking, grasping, squeezing and stretching of muscles and joints. The choice of technique and the way that it is applied is selected to suit the condition of each individual.

Tui Na treatments can be given fully clothed, so there is usually no reason to remove more than coats, belts, shoes and jewellery. After the treatment, advice may be given on exercises which may help to maintain or build on the gains which have been made.
Treatment always begins with a review of current symptoms, followed by postural analysis and a careful observation of how the body is moving. Then treatment is carried out in either a seated or lying position, before final observations are made to check the initial effectiveness of the techniquesshoulder used.


Cost: Consultation and treatment £45

To arrange your appointment, please phone Paul on:

07746 315770

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Testimonials for Paul’s Tui Na Treatments

“Since starting these Tui Na massages I have noticed:

-a marked improvement in my original complaint

-an increase in energy levels

-a much improved sleep pattern

-a greater focus on how I use my body

Paul’s massage technique is unique in my experience: the gentle and firm use of hands and towels to align the body leaves me feeling relaxed and centered. His feedback and simple exercises to do at home are a helpful continuation of the therapy.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this personalised form of massage to anyone looking for a holistic and caring approach to their well being.”


Retired English Tutor


“I visited Paul suffering with RSI to my left forearm which had been a problem for some months possibly as a result of continual clutch action on a daily motorbike commute of 2 hours. I had previously visited a sports masseur who worked on the forearm and this involved considerable intense manipulation and deep massage which was far from pleasant and sometimes downright uncomfortable.
Paul used a variety of techniques including towelling which alleviated the RSI in the forearm considerably but without any pain or uncomfortableness. In fact the treatments are pleasant and gentle yet achieve similar results to deep tissue massage. I would recommend a course of Tui Na treatment as a good alternative to a sports massage.”


IT Consultant


“Thank you, Paul, for the hip and shoulder treatment. The Tui Na worked wonders. My ease of movement is now improved and is being maintained thanks to the Kai Men (Chinese yoga) exercise you showed me.”


Retired Teacher


“I went to Paul four months after having a shoulder operation, which had resulted in severe restriction of my arm movement. I had been in weekly physio sessions up until then; these had helped a lot, but I hadn’t made any progress for a month and was still only at 40% of my original movement. I had one session with Paul, and when I was flexing my arm afterwards I suddenly realised I could move it a lot more! I had about 95% of my original movement back, which I wasn’t expecting, and the rest came back gradually by itself. Still quite amazed at how quickly the difference was made.”




“A few months ago I found I had restricted movement in my neck and left arm. The pain and the restricted movement were impacting on my every day life activities, so I decided to book a course of Tui Na treatments with Paul. I found this non-invasive treatment with its gentle techniques had a powerful impact: restoring movement, reducing pain and bringing my body back to its natural alignment.
Throughout my sessions Paul was professional and knowledgeable. I always felt I was in a safe pair of hands.
Big Thank You”


Tai Chi Instructor