Joseph Armstrong

My name is Joseph Armstrong and I am a fully qualified Reiki Master and Crystal Healer.

I trained in Traditional Usui Reiki (Usui Reiki Ryoho) with Christina Moore, a highly respected Reiki Master and teacher. I also work with crystals and energy channelled from nature.

I came to the healing path through a journey of deep personal transformation and spiritual healing. Much of my research, learning and experience has been self-taught. Through healing ourselves we learn to heal others. We learn and understand how to help others engage with their own healing process and guide them to a new state of wholeness.

I draw upon knowledge from eastern practice such as Reiki and the wisdom of the yogis of India as well as shamanic traditions from across the globe. Reiki was also originally practiced as a form of shamanism with it’s roots firmly in the practices of Shinto and dating back to the Wu Shaman of China.

I mainly work with Reiki and Seidr, the shamanic traditions of Northern Europe. I believe the key to a strong healing practice is to honour and keep our ancestors traditions alive while also allowing room for new ways ours healing can evolve and grow.

I work intuitively allowing my hands, breath and voice to be guided through your energy system; releasing, repairing and allowing a natural flow to form thus allowing healing to occur.

I also give readings with the Nordic Runes and Oracle cards.

Joseph works at Kika on Thursdays. For appointments call him on  07513 042 491


Reiki (1hr) £40  

Reiki and Crystal Healing (1hr) £50

Nordic Runes and Oracle Card reading £30

Discounts available for those on benefits and in full time education.