More about hair…and Spring time !!

More about hair…and Spring time !!

“The correlate of the kidneys are the bones; their splendor is the hair on the head” SuWen10

The “kidneys” in Chinese medicine symbolize the body’s capacity to store vitality, a bit like a savings account. They are the deep storage of resources, connected to bones, teeth etc. They represent the material aspects of our experience and their health can influence our aging process and our fertility. When our inner vitality is abundant it flows out to the extremities and the “blood of the kidneys” shows in the thickness and quality of our hair. Hence in the East Asia a woman [or man] with good lustrous hair was seen as having inner vitality and good fertility! As we get older our power retreats and so the extremities are less well nourished, the blood of the kidneys no longer nourishes the head hair, which turns white.

Spring time and fertility

“The three months of spring,
 they denote effusion and spreading.
In heaven and earth everything comes to life; the myriad beings prosper…Move through the courtyard with long strides. Dishevel the hair and relax the physical appearance, thereby cause the mind to come to life.

If the energy of the kidneys is the stored potential for new life, then the liver supplies and distributes the blood to the organs of fertility. For the East Asian mind the region of the lower abdomen is seen as the gate of life; it is the source of vitality for the individual and it is where another life can appear [i.e. the uterus]. It is the focus of countless Yogic practices, meditation, Chi Kung, martial arts etc. If you can make this area strong you will live long and healthy life! In the context of fertility we can think of it as a cozy nest. It needs a good supply of blood to keep it warm and nourished. This is seen as one of the roles of the “liver”. Acupuncture treatments that nourish this aspect can promote the conditions for conception.

When it’s not functioning well, as well as fertility issues, it show up as irregular or painful periods, low libido, erectile dysfunction, PMT and general poor circulation.


We can’t reverse the aging process I’m afraid but we can try to help your body function a little closer to how it was designed to. I haven’t seen dramatic changes in hair colour through treatment [though sometimes the quality and quantity can improve if for example you have alopecia]. However when it comes to fertility management, acupuncture and Chinese medicine have a lot to offer.  By helping to regulate the functioning of the body and mind it’s as if the distractions are removed and the body can settle down to do what nature intended.