Tuesday lunch time from 1-2 is now the new time for the chigong class. Beginners welcome, these are simple stretches and breathing exercises, and static postures to develop internal strength and restore vitality. Classes are £45 for 6 first class is free. Why not try it out!

The kika Facebook page had an interesting article uploaded about the history of chi gong within the medical community in China during the 50s and 60s where it was initially first introduced into hospitals. The article deals also with the problems they had in terms of the conflict of having to package it in terms that  were politically acceptable for the the ruling regime whilst still making it clinically effective. Though no doubt some of the claims at the time could be seen as questionable it is still a part of the medical establishment and can be offered to patients, with research continuing to this day in its appellation for specific illnesses.

Click here to get to the Facebook page which also has a post relating to taichi and heart disease.

3 thoughts on “CHI GONG FOR HEALTH

  1. I am interested in chi gong but at work so can’t do tues lunchtime. Would you consider a late pm or early eve class or maybe sat morning

    1. Hi Sorry for the crazily late reply, email is really the best way to get in touch with us [and phone of course]. I am consdiereing an evening class but will probably be in the new year.

    2. I also have a class Thursday morning, there may be another early evening class starting next year but nothing decided yet

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